Travel can be defined as an activity undertaken by people to journey from one place to another, either for leisure or otherwise. However, travel as a term is mostly associated with leisure, or in part a journey taken for leisure while attending to business. It is mostly between relatively distant geographical locations, and can involve travel by foot, bicycle, automobile, train, boat, airplane, or other means. Travel can involve the carrying of luggage and can be undertaken just towards the destination, where the travel ends, known as a one-way trip, or one where the travel continues back to the point of origin from the destination, known as a round trip. A person who travels is known as a traveler and any travel can include multiple stays travel points. These stays could be short or long, depending on the travel plan of the travelers.

Expenditure in travel covers a variety of costs, depending a lot on the means of travel, and the services incurred while travelling. However, the distance between the destination and origin point of travel plays the biggest part in determining the cost of travel. Another important cost of travelling is incurred while determining the place to stay while at the destination point. A lot of different factors are involved in determining where the traveler would prefer to stay, such as the type of place, e.g. a hotel, a resort, a guest house etc. (based on the level of leisure that the traveler demands, these places have a different range of prices), the locality of said places, (places in more commercial areas are bound to have higher prices) and the closeness of known places for visit. For example, a resort that is close to a beach is bound to have a much more attractive location factor, which leads to a more expensive stay cost. Such resorts might also have a direct view of the beach every time you come out of your hotel room, and this could provide a breathtaking view of the sunset and sunrise, which adds to the flavor of travel altogether.

Some hotels provide a differing environment depending on their locality, which could be depicted in the ambience of the hotels services. For example, the staff could dress up like the local people do. Hotels could have a lot of facilities including book shops, coffee shops, restaurants serving different cuisines, hair salons, shops selling local items etc. The top-scoring hotels and resorts all offer a captivating beach setting, yet they are also culturally and architecturally distinctive. Some hotels across the world have been successful in harbingering complete towns into tourist attractions, turning their surroundings into highly successful commercial areas. A lot of entertainment centers, such as movie theaters, auditoriums, restaurants, coffee shops etc. have also gathered around these resorts.

Tourism can be defined as travel for not only recreation, but also for providing services for those who travel who enjoy this recreation. It usually involves local services such as entertainment, accommodation and catering for the travelers, or "tourists". Tourism is seen across the world as a flourishing industry, as it not only brings financial benefits to the tourism providing region or country, but also brings a lot of attention for said place. However, some factors do indicate that it also has some disadvantages. Firstly, most countries rely heavily on the travel expenditures by foreigners as a source of taxation and as a source of income for the local enterprises and people. Therefore, the development of tourism has been often strategized for the promotion of a particular region for the purpose of increasing its commerce through exporting goods and services. Secondly, it provides direct employment for the local people who work in these hotels and restaurants and entertainment centers. This not only increases the standard of living of the people, but drastically decreases the rate of unemployment as well. However, such travelers have often been cited as not being responsible for taking care of the environment of the country they travel to and damage it by littering and forest fires, demolition of sand dunes and spreading pollution etc. This seriously damages the environment for the local population who have to live there all year long and this environmental damage can cause diseases and problems for them. In a nutshell, tourism as an industry is deemed highly profitable, especially in the developing countries since it does not require a high level of literacy and is still known to yield maximum profits with least investment.

For any travel, the most important factor for the travelers is keeping themselves safe since they are in a foreign land. In order to provide safety, many groups usually provide services for collective travel in which the said group travels together and follows an itinerary to visit the most well known tourist attractions. This not only ensures that the travelers are safe, but also makes sure that if some people are not aware of some of the most visit worthy places, they don't miss out on those special places while they are on the lookout of other much less known or mediocre places. Other factors include the obtaining of visas, as these are the most important documents while travelling to any country and provide an entry stamp to its bearer. All countries provide visa services, and the previously mentioned travel groups have special associations with the visa issuing authorities, therefore they obtain the visas for all their group members in bulk, avoiding the hassle of the individual traveler. Travel insurance is also one of the biggest services being provided by financial authorities. Travel insurance ensures that in case of any emergency or critical situation, you and your family can still remain secured, both financially and health wise as well. Therefore, it is highly advised to obtain travel insurance before travelling to far off locations where there is even a slight risk of facing problems that could endanger your family or you yourself. Therefore, it is only prudent to think of such insurances as a blessing and a savior in case things go downwards.
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